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Educator, Curriculum Designer, & Consultant

Ideator and problem-solver who finds joy in making order

out of chaos, creating connections, and perfecting a pie crust

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Engaging sessions that encourage exploration, collaboration, and creation.


  • The Transformative Power of Prosocial Game Play

  • Maintaining Engagement & Synchronous Remote Learning

  • Project Management in the Gifted World

  • Digital Citizenship

  • Student Choice, Student Voice

  • Curriculum Compacting in Mathematics

  • Perfectionism in the Gifted Individual

Session Hosts

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7th grade student

Ms. Ross was compassionate and understanding even when our class was rowdy. It is really helpful to have a teacher who can be focused and understanding at the same time.


event attendee

Sundance Swing Out, hosted by Allison, immediately became one of my favorite dance events and inspired me in the way that I plan my own workshops.


small group participant

She truly has a gift to counsel, to speak truth in love, and disciple. I learned so much by observing and listening to the questions she asked. It was a blessing to be under her leadership.

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